Evandro Armelin | Head of Data & Analytics | everis Americas

Given the social distancing caused by the pandemic, which prevents people from having physical contact, the wave of digital transformation is rapidly spreading across Latin America. This is happening mainly in new projects that from the start, are open to new technologies.

No entrepreneur will imagine their projects without considering how to implement them from a digital point of view, and there are many reasons for such a mindset. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the primary driver of the most remarkable technological transformation that will boost much of the economic productivity and nations’ growth.

In 2020, everis and Endeavor published the…

Carlos Company | Head of Digital Strategy | everis Americas

In the first edition of the Latam Business Roundtable series, we had digital transformation specialist Marc Vidal. Let me share with you the main conclusions of the session.

Uncertainty drives society

According to Marc, after everything that has happened, talking about the future is talking about digital transformation. We have been able to adjust to the changes thanks to technology. Therefore, we must seize this unprecedented moment and take it as an opportunity for improvement. We know more today than we did yesterday. We now have new and better tools, and, best of all, we are learning. We have learned…

Juan José Sobrino | General Manager Mendoza | everis Argentina

For some time, the established perception in the IT community was that the demand for jobs in this sector far exceeded the labor supply. This is true not only locally, but globally as well. Statements such as “the unemployment rate in IT is almost zero,” thus suggesting a paradox, in a country where unemployment is at nearly 13%, and whose informal employment has been growing exponentially over the last four years.

This is a challenging dilemma, almost as much as a three-variable equation: on one hand, the demand for professionals with a certain level of experience (which we will further…

Rui Lopes Rodrigues | Test Automation Specialist Leader | everis Brazil

The purpose of this article is to explore, from the perspective of quality strategy, the options and best practices when we have architectural and software development approaches focused on dividing the applications into small independent components, which we call a microservices strategy. This strategy poses a series of new challenges but also new opportunities. It is a new universe of needs and possibilities that cannot be treated with good results without a new quality view.

This new view is not only necessary due to the characteristics of the technical approach; in general, it is associated with a business context that…

Markus Fantone Muratore | Agile Coach Sempai | everis Brazil

Volatility, uncertainties, complexity, and ambiguity — distinguishing features of the connected world we live in. In this scenario — reliant on the technological factor — we are less sure of what comes ahead and the paths our products, solutions, and problems will take.

How can we adapt to the speed of changes? How can we suggest an environment that breathes innovation? Are our traditional management practices (2.0) fit for the path we are going to take?

We live in an era that focuses on experiences. These experiences permeate our daily lives, whether in the things we consume or produce.


Eduardo Argil Pérez | Director of Digital Technology | everis Mexico

Remote work, imposed on us by the pandemic, has raised many questions. Since this a relatively new practice, especially in Latin America, there were no clear protocols so that employees could effectively work outside of the office.

One of the questions initially asked was whether one should necessarily work face-to-face to be productive. Over time, there has been a clear and concise response, indicating that anyone who has the required tools to perform their activities can do so no matter where they are in the world.

After spending more than half a year working from home, I can conclude that…

Caio H. Vilela Carvalho | X-Reality Lead Engineer | everis Brazil

Today, technologies that are part of the X-Reality market are growing exponentially, including Augmented Reality. This tool increasingly impresses the public and is beginning to be widely used by large companies, especially those with a direct relationship with Industry 4.0.

We live in the right time! Keep reading to find out more about this technology.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is defined as an “increase in reality,” i.e., a mixture of the virtual inserted in a real environment.

Augmented Reality is not a new technology; its concept has existed since 1997. …

Juan José Domingo Miranda | Digital Architecture Director | everis Peru

Nowadays one of the most exciting and emerging technologies is Blockchain, if you have not heard about this, let me introduce you to the main concepts behind blockchain:

· Immutability: Blockchain is a distributed ledger in which each copy is organized in a chain of blocks. Each block has an identification provided by a hash; so if any part in some block is modified then its corresponding hash will also change. In this scheme immutability is achieved by creating a cryptographic link between each block and the previous one. Due to each block refers to the hash of the previous…

Bruno Leal and Tiago Leite | Digital Strategy Manager and Digital Strategy Consultant | everis Brazil

According to the accounting definition, fixed assets (or property, plant, and equipment) consist of a set of goods necessary for the maintenance and continuance of business activities, and they are composed of tangible assets (buildings, machinery, equipment, and others) and intangible assets (software, licenses, and patents). Resources used in or already allocated to the acquisition of tangible goods are also considered assets, even if they are not in operation yet, such as ongoing constructions.

Asset Management is a highly-relevant topic for any business segment, public or private organizations of any size. As asset management affects safe operations, regulatory obligations, and…

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