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Arllen Lira | Digital Industrialization Leader | everis Brazil

Digital Industrialization — Provisioning of Cloud infrastructure, with scheduled use

In this article, we will approach practical aspects of the digital industrialization taking into consideration the cost reduction of cloud infrastructure supply through this Infrastructure platform as Service (IaaS). everis adopts several approaches focusing on cost reduction and the smart use of our instances which are being used on our Umane platform (PaaS)

Emphasizing the “schedule use of cloud instances” and the “auto — scalability of the supplied resources,” being applied in several forma, on a horizontal or vertical form.

Here we discuss the scheduled use of cloud instances

A detailed analysis of the behavior of several instances supplied to several countries and clients conclude that:

· Most of the instances are used at work hours, normally between 8:00h and 20:00h, after this, they enter idle mode.

· The use of instances during the weekends is rare; when this occurs is on a pre-programmed form. The exception is the case of urgent emergencies or demands. However, when there is a larger maturity level of SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle Management), there are less chances of non-previewed demands.

Phasing this scenario, a “robot” in charge of executing the start and stop calls of the cloud was developed, and in these instances working based on the identified windows. We call this the “intelligent instance use.”

IaaS services provide support for the execution of functions using the functional paradigm with the objective of applying the programming over the instances, by contrast the imperative programming that occurs inside them.

In this case, we use the AWS Lambda Function to program the robots’ executing the action of turning on and off the instances, powered by the schedule of an events based on the time where human intervention was not needed on the function calling, the allowed possibility by the AW monitoring resource called CloudWatch.
The action in order to disable this schedule on exceptional cases can be done manually, in the case of time not previewed on the schedules.

Below, the use of a monitoring graph is generated with the app of “Instance intelligent Use:”

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Green spots showing the moment the instances were turn on/off effectively by the robots.
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This reduction was detected on clients that received the applied approach.

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