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Tatiane Silva Paula | Linguista | everis Brasil

Do you know what a Chit Chat is?

Chit Chat is the name given to registered content in the base of a chatbot mainly related to informal terms. Chit chat is translated simply as “small talk.”

Although informal and not associated with the services offered by the client, chit chats are very important for the context of the conversation and to leave the interaction with the user lighter and more fluid.

Terms associated with greeting, farewell, insults, praise, thanks, among others are defined as chit chat.

Questions and interactions related to requests, invitations, humorous content, linked to memes, historical subjects, among others, are also considered chit chats.

The textual content of chit chats should be elaborated based on the person’s language, tone of communication and company policies.

The registered texts can vary according to the channel where they will be displayed. In some channels, user interactions are usually younger and more objective, for example: Facebook Messenger. And more serious and more related to complaints, if located in areas of ombudsman, for example.

Chit chats help humanize the bot, as they offer the conversation a lighter tone, making the conversation less automatic and establishing a degree of trust and closeness between the user and the assistant.

It is advisable to create an initial chit chat base, which can be elaborated using bots of the competition as reference, bots that have interaction with similar content and/or interactions of the users executed in channels such as: Facebook, satisfaction survey and different channels that present the possibility of free writing on the part of the user.

Today, everis has the everisyou application, which includes eVA (everis virtual agent), a virtual assistant developed with Artificial Intelligence technology and cognitive computing, which helps the professional throughout their journey, answering the main and frequently asked questions of the company.

The eVA chit chats base includes 21 responses related to the following interactions: greeting, farewell, insult, compliment, marriage request, invitation to go out, age, hours, location, hobby, various complaints, name, thank you, and personification.

Some examples of “small” answers presented by eVA Brazil:

· Compliment

Interactions such as: You’re beautiful! /You’re efficient/You’re a good employee/You work well.

Reply eVA: Thank you! It’s always good to receive respectful compliments :) If you need to ask any questions about everis, I’m here.

· Complaint

Interactions like: You didn’t help me/you weren’t helpful/useless.

eVA response: I’m learning how to improve my responses. I’m sorry for not being able to help, but I won’t stop trying. If you like, rephrase your question with a few words.

· Age Interactions like: What is your age? / how old are you?

eVA response: Time is something relative, isn’t it? :) What matters is that you can count on me to clear any doubts about everis.

The texts were prepared by the everis team of Ux Writers and were adjusted and validated together with the Marketing team. The main purpose was to present these contents a more relaxed tone, but that is adequate to the standards and profiles of the company’s language.

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