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Field Service: The relevance of field service management and benefits for the customer

Source: Salesforce Field Service Datasheet

Have you ever wondered how frustrating it can be for your customer when they request a field service? When the technician arrives at the location, they have no idea how to solve the problem because they do not have the necessary information?

The interaction with the customer at their location is a vital channel that may build or destroy the relationship. Customers expect the field service provider to have updated information and connected to their business via mobile, checking whatever they need to provide the best possible service and ensure a successful visit.

The experience your customer has with field service is crucial to create new business opportunities and to ensure satisfaction with the job. To manage this, a Field Service solution is necessary that has the functionalities to meet the customer’s needs: Ensuring the service time, having the customer’s history, intelligence in the distribution of activities, inventory visibility, preventive maintenance, mobility, real-time visibility of the service, and other features. An example would be to use Salesforce’s Field Service platform. The technical team can quickly access all the information in an organized way to plan and provide quality service, thus ensuring the customer’s satisfaction.


The flexibility and power to customize a Field Service platform according to each client’s needs are decisive to achieve quality service. The customer needs clear and objective information to make decisions, enabling business gains.

With the Salesforce Field Service, the customer monitors the evolution of technologies that contribute to mobility. They have 360º experience, boosting the field technicians’ productivity, automatizing the scheduling, and enabling real-time visibility of all operations, and always keeping the customers updated at every step.

Source: Salesforce Field Service Datasheet

68% of service executives agree that field service is a relevant portion of their customer experience strategy.

Source: Salesforce Field Service Datasheet

72% of executives use a management system to improve the resolution of customer issues.



Field Service transformation. With the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the agility in the data processing power, there will be a powerful development in the area. With the arrival of 5G, mobile devices and the IoT will be used to speed up processes, have more control, and predictive analysis to accelerate services and sales. According to a Forbes article, 71% of service decision-makers have made a substantial investment in mobile technologies.

An example of this revolution is to provide a field service with the support of IoT devices. Machine failures are understood and proactively schedule maintenance, or with the assistance of a 3D printer, the technician may repair it right on the spot.

Always having safety in mind, if the service involves risks, the technician may use drones and robots to help them in their activities. If the service is too complicated, augmented reality and video conferencing may help the technician understand and better discuss the problem with experts to solve it as quickly as possible, leveraging new sales when the possibility arises.

The customer’s experience with the best support and tranquility in dealing with obstacles will lead to a spike in brand loyalty for an entire generation.



Increasing revenue with Field Service
One of the opportunities Field Service provides is the direct interaction with the customer. The field technician may also suggest improvements and create opportunities.

When the field technician visits the customer, they have access to information that is sometimes unknown to the sales team; for instance, the field technician is responsible for providing support to an ice cream shop. During a routine visit, the technician tells the customer that there is a new and larger model of the ice cream shop’s freezer, that the shop will save energy during the month, and that the customer could store more ice cream and reduce the supplier’s restock visits.

With this proactive approach in line with the technology, it is possible to provide several improvements for your customer, which can be financial, reducing the operational or procedural costs with intelligence in the distribution of activities following the field technician’s skill.

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