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Marta González Magallanes | Global Head of Talent Management | everis

Global recognition supports the everis value of investing in people

For the third consecutive year, everis has been recognized by the prestigious Top Employers Institute, the global certification company that recognizes excellence in the conditions that employers create for their people. Therefore, we continue positioning ourselves as one of the best places to work in Brazil and Spain.

Our brand also received other recognition throughout the world. In Mexico, we were recognized in the ranking of Expansión Súper Empresas 2018, “Places Where Everyone Wants to Work,” an award for Expansion and TOP Companies. In Portugal, we have celebrated two major recognitions. In the last year that we have participated, we have been awarded 3rd place in the general ranking of best companies to work, best consultant and best company for executives in the GREAT PLACE TO WORK survey. We continue to be recognized by the Portuguese Government through the Instituto de Emprego e Formação Profissional as a company of strategic interest for the Lisbon region.

We are also pleased to announce awards granted to our professionals for their specialized talent. In Peru, Angie Condor, everis collaborator in the Office Banking project, has appeared in an article in the Spanish newspaper “El Confidencial” selected by the organization supported by Barack Obama and Mark Zuckenberg, among others, “Coding like a Girl”. This is a highly recognized, international merit as an example of overcoming gender inequality. Having people like Angie makes us proud and confirms everis’ value of equality and the desire to work with a sector that seeks technology as a means to get ahead.

Regardless, if we receive recognition or not, it is important to work towards improving the internal conditions of our employees and the impact on society. An example is the Sustainability report in Chile where it was the only policy of diversity and inclusion of everis at the time it was launched in January 2018.

This is an example of the value of people within the everis group. A group in which the “People” area exists, because we invest in people, rather than resources. That investment is transmitted in all our policies and attitudes within the organization.

In these times of digital transformation, the impact of such recognition is a boost to our culture of leadership by values, in which closeness, conversations, generosity and transparency define us.

Good People Practices

In Top Employer, we have reviewed nine axis of talent management:

· talent strategy

· planning

· onboarding

· learning and development

· performance management

· leadership development

· career management,

· compensation and benefits and culture.

Being a Top Employer means being one of the best practices companies in each of these axes.

We identify some of the best practices in the onboarding process. Our goal is to generate a distinctive experience with the new collaborator, creating a gamified context, ensuring that during these days of incorporation, the necessary conversations are maintained (with supervisors, peers, mentor…) so the professional gets the security needed to advance their development.

We also highlight the leadership development programs, based on conversations, and aligned with our culture plan. These programs are a unique experience for our executive team, focused on self-knowledge and the application of this exercise. Another leadership program that we keep with a distinct recognition in the market is Theory Killers, a fully experiential training to live the values associated with our behaviors in the commercial field. This training has received a recognition from the economic newspaper Expansion.

We need to constantly develop talent and ensure high training in cutting-edge and different technologies. For this purpose, we invest in agreements with major players in eLearning training, we complement them with certifications from the hands of our technological partners, and we maintain experiential training on soft skills, which are essential for evolving professionally.

We continue working to be a Top Employer in the years to come and developing new practices that become the best ones. With the help of our People Innovation Hub and all the lines that are opening (AR/VR, RPA, etc.) we will certainly get there.

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