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Nelson Wilson | Partner IT Solutions & Services Business | everis Américas

Opening the Door to the Cloud and to Opportunities

Brazil and Mexico’s markets lead Latin America by achieving greater penetration in cloud computing, However, the cloud has increasingly been adopted throughout the entire continent, involving both a wide range of companies and the public sector. This boom should increase exponentially and will hardly stop in an environment where digital transformation, technological innovation and digitalization gain ground. The economies of Colombia, Chile and Argentina are also headed in that direction.

It is estimated that cloud computing services should generate at least US$7.4 billion in Latin America by 2022 and reach an annual growth rate of 31.9 percent, according to estimates by the US consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. Companies changing from an on-premises regime to any of the cloud modalities benefit from a wide range of obvious advantages: it allows them to grow without having to worry about infrastructure; offers them access opportunities they may use at any time, any place and from any device; accelerates processes; and, more importantly, significantly reduces costs as they pay only for what they use and eliminates maintenance costs of physical facilities.

One should also keep in mind that shunning the cloud means being cut-off from innovation and thus from being able to take advantage of great opportunities that accelerate processes, increase productivity and raise data security levels. In summary, the cloud provides fast adaptation to technological changes and business model improvement through multimarkets, as the cloud is going to make money.

However, cloud migration does not have to be a particularly dramatic decision or process. Decision making should be based on needs, goals and available budget. Developing a cloud migration process requires a thorough involvement of various company areas and functions, including users, business areas, IT and purchasing departments, among others.

Its implementation may take place progressively and at different levels: partial migration, reconstruction, infrastructure transformation, or full migration. Opening the door to the cloud allows improving processes in a transversal way, to get a bigger picture by gaining deeper knowledge of operations and the impact of company activities on its business, closing gaps, identifying opportunities, assigning responsibilities in a clearer way, and consolidating data security and integrity.

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