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Tatiane Silva Paula | UX Writer| everis Brazil

The art of being a UX Writer

The UX writer career is getting great visibility in the past few months. New requirements of the market and the focus on user experience has made this career an imperative player within squads.

However, many questions remain about the role such as: what does the UX Writer do? Does the UX Writer work with chatbots only? Does the UX Writer only do text writing? Do I need to understand flow or AI in order to be a UX Writer?

My goal in writing this article is to shed some light on my profession.

The UX writer career is often viewed as an innovation on the copywriter role. At one point, the copywriter’s primary responsibility was writing content and their main concern was whether the publication would be online or off-line.

Writing for off-line business varies according to the publication type. Magazine wording followed a standard which was different from newspaper, for instance.

At first, written content in the online world was produced solely and exclusively for websites or blogs. But this scenario has changed over the years and online content has been through an immense and admirable transformation.

New channels have arisen and also the need for adequate content. Since then, it’s been evolution only. As mobile sites, social media, apps and other content publishing platforms emerged, the copywriter received new assignments as well as new responsibilities.

With such changes, texts have become more fluid and gained conversational traits. The tone of the text in certain channels became extremely important and one of the main differentials of specialized copywriter in the online segment.

The changes didn’t stop there, in addition to informative text evolving, the copywriter also assumed the persona role. That’s right, the persona conveys the information as the brand’s voice.

With the emergence of virtual assistants, the writer has gained a new task. In addition to thinking about the content, now it is necessary to think about the context. That’s when the UX Writer was born!

Building a conversation goes beyond adapting a text according to where it will be published. It is important to take into consideration the target audience, the technical limitations, the business model, and the company vision, among other factors.

In a scenario where User Experience has become imperative, the UX Writer role is fundamental.

Nowadays, the UX Writer doesn’t produce content only for websites, blogs or portals, rather the opposite. It’s possible to find these professionals leading Artificial Intelligence, ChatBots, IVRs and Social Media projects to name a few.

The UX Writer performance has transcended barriers and unified the off-line world to the online. Content creation today is elaborated, versioned and focused on customer experience. Therefore, content produced by a UX Writer is more than written words, they are words leading to a context and even emotion.

I’m thankful for finding this new career, and knowing how to write is not the only requirement of a UX Writer, it’s necessary to know how to communicate!

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