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Mauricio Ríos | CEO | everis Chile

The digital challenges faced by companies

What sounded like futurology ten years ago, became a reality today. Big data, AI, blockchain, chatbots, or Internet of Things are some of the technologies used by companies that sometimes go unnoticed by customers, but are absolutely necessary to meet the high expectations of today’s consumers.

As a businessman, I cannot help thinking about what digital transformation means for society and what the responsibilities are for us promoters of such transformation to achieve an orderly and respectful transition. All this is complex and challenging and therefore extremely interesting and attractive to solve.

As leaders of conscientious companies, we have the responsibility to look inside our companies and develop change management plans so the impact of the transformation results in a positive balance. We must understand that this transition is faced by people and that we have cultural and training barriers that must be considered in order not to fail in our mission. The great challenge is to take care of people since they are change enablers and not an obstacle.

When the leadership of a company understands that the goal of the company is not only profitability, but that it must give back to the society in which it operates, it is already taking a giant step in that direction. Empowering people who previously did manual and routine work to advance their inclusion in the new automation process is essential, as well as training young people in future professions to improve their employment and mitigate unemployment. Although many prioritize the role of the State and public policies, conscious leaders must focus their company’s efforts, as protagonists of the evolutionary challenge.

It is imperative that directors and senior executives understand the magnitude of the change and outline plans in the context of the fourth industrial revolution. The biggest transformation of companies is not digital, but cultural. By “cultural” I mean space for innovation, creativity, enabling testing and error, among others. That is the only way we will we be able to take care of the most important asset of any company: human capital.

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