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Tatiane Silva Paula | Linguist | everis Brasil

The Linguist: a New Professional Profile in Technology Squads

Technological innovations have been catalysts of change in the work market. New demands have emerged and with them, new professions. Client needs have become increasingly specific and to meet their needs, adapting duties and work routines of technology professionals is essential.

When the first virtual assistants emerged, there was discussion on the danger they posed to service professionals, especially call center operators. Today we are able to understand that this premonition had its motives, but its effects have not been completely negative. Virtual assistants arrive in large companies with the intention of reducing demand for human assistants who tend to invest more in interaction quality. However, the other side of the scene has awakened a search for new professional profiles that have not yet been designed.

A virtual assistant is prepared to give their best performance to the user, and it is necessary to count on a skilled team that can carry out different and complementary activities. Squads that lead a virtual assistant project are made up of developers and technicians, both are relatively new profiles in the market. They are the UX and the linguist.

The UX is the professional responsible for the design and usability of a system. In contrast, the linguist already arrives on the team with a role that is directed to flow and artificial intelligence content. These two profiles work together for a common goal: to create the best user experience possible, while designing a more natural and human-like robot.

everis counts on a multidisciplinary team of linguists from various Latin American countries. They are responsible for not only creating solutions with other profiles on the squad, but also maintaining and updating content on cognitive platforms. The language professional can be dubbed the assistant’s “voice and tone,” regardless of the channel and platform used.

Some of their main tasks are preparing texts that are compatible with the personality designed for the assistant, constructing flows and routes, creating dialogues, identifying project errors or flaws, drafting improvement proposals and training motor cognition.

To add value and create a differential, this new professional profile should anticipate client expectations. It’s necessary to have sensibility and enough experience to foresee both difficulties that may be found with tool use, as well as any doubts regarding the provided product or service. Metaphorically, a linguist is the virtual assistant’s brain and heart, giving the balance between reason and emotion and bringing the most assertive answer to any interaction.

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