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Angely Biffi Holanda | UX Writer | everis Brazil

Turning your FAQ into a Chatbot

The world has changed, technology has evolved, human behavior has changed and therefore, we also need to change the way we act and interact in the professional field. We need to keep an eye on trends and use technology to our advantage.

In the old days, and not so long ago, whenever we were in doubt about a product or service we had acquired, how would we go about it? We would access the service provider’s or the seller’s website and look up the FAQ to find an answer to our question. This page called FAQ is a large archive containing a wide range of questions and answers that usually would help us solve our problem.

The term FAQ means Frequently Asked Questions. FAQs have the answers to the most common questions customers ask about products, ways of delivery and payment, security certification of transactions made on the website, return and exchange policies, etc.

In my opinion, this page is usually too long and annoys customers who are looking for a solution to their problem or want to ask a simple question.

So why not modernize this FAQ template and replacing it by a more interactive and technological device that allows customers to interact faster and answers their questions intelligently and quickly?

This is where Chatbots come in. From now on, we can transform these large FAQ files into a more practical and intelligent online service.

Using Chatbots instead of FAQs is a fantastic option, given its conversational ability. Since Chatbots use artificial intelligence, they trace each customer’s individual questions and provide them with the most appropriate answers.

User are freed from reading extensive online documentation, all they need to do is to ask the Bot. It’s that simple! It allows users to solve their issues and questions without having to browse tiring long online texts or depending on a human attendant, since the virtual assistant is going to solve everything — or almost everything.

Now, why is it better to use a ChatBot? What are its benefits and advantages over FAQs?

Some reasons why your company should replace its FAQ by a Chatbot include:

· Customization: A Chatbot allows you to individualize and customize your contact with customers. This is achieved by integrating users with the Bot so that it may identify customers and retrieve their past contact information to define their preferences, such as the best time to contact them, which services they use or what product they buy most. In short, your Bot stores large customer records and may therefore serve your customers in a unique and more accurate way than a FAQ.

· Interactivity: Your Bot interact with customers in a way a normal conversation takes place. People often even feel they are talking to a human being rather than to a machine and this reduces much of the distant feeling that customer service procedures may cause and gets customers closer to the company. This kind of interactivity increases customer satisfaction.

· Cost reduction for the company: Customers are often not able to find their questions because FAQs are too long and they eventually resort to the company’s phone service. This generates significant costs for the company. Chatbots are a great ally in cutting costs, as their use considerably reduces the bulk of phone calls and e-mails the customer service team needs to process, allowing the company to work with a lean and focused team and reducing operational costs in that area.

How to replace FAQs by Chatbots at your company?

The first step to replace FAQs by Chatbots is to survey your customers’ most frequent questions, the questions most frequently asked to your customer service channels and then define the most relevant answers, which need to be complete, clear and objective. Every chat needs to solve issues brought forth by customers, not confuse them. If you direct them to another page, for example, make sure the link is correct, working and responsive. These are small details that will make your customer feel safer and more confident in using your new channel and thus strengthen customer loyalty.

Another important point is that there is no point in creating a Chatbots based on vague assumptions and making it declaim a lot of blah-blah-blah (long and meaningless content). Bots should offer customers a real opportunity to interact and provide more effective services than the other channels consumers have used up to now.

Another interesting fact is that as Chatbots were created, new types of questions have come up to which FAQs have no answers. At this point, Bots can and should provide customers with standard answers and companies then need to analyze whether these new questions are being asked frequently, if they are of any interest to the business, if it makes sense to feed Bots with new answers to these questions that have come up. This requires another kind of work involving analysis and curatorship performed by an expert called UX Writer, a topic that has been discussed in another article.

However, it is essential that Bots needs to be interactive, real and updated to build trust and empathy regarding customers.

If you are still not sure whether a Chatbot is actually better than a large FAQ list, check out some advantages that may result from creating a bot that specializes in your business:

· Bots may help people with basic questions such as: How do I get my password? How do I request support? Where can I pay this bill? Where is my training room? What’s my flight? What is my balance?

· Your Bot can be fed according to your company profile and business needs. However, it has to be kept up to date and his answers must cover all kinds of questions, from the most basic to the most complex ones, which is why its content needs to be developed permanently.

· Bots are also an excellent channel for capturing user information and profiling your customers. Depending on the information your Chatbot collects, you may use it for marketing campaigns and to feed the business area. Bots offer a wide range of possibilities in this sense as well.

· Chatbots should also attract new customers. The goal here is to focus on customer service, pique the interest of prospective customers and keep current consumers of the brand or product active.

· Bots may also be used to replace traditional satisfaction surveys and as a means of increasingly stimulating business-customer contacts as they gain more insight into how this relationship is being built.

· Last but not least, Bot information may be integrated into a CRM system that stores customer information to further qualifying the user-company dialogue. This is an additional advantage for customers, as they are identified as soon as they contact the company and won’t have to repeat their complaint again and again. This also ensures the company and the business future sales, as services are more qualified and customized for each stored customer profile.

Now, it’s up to you! Are you going to replace your FAQ by a Chatbot? Be a company of the future, get ahead of your competitors and innovate!

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