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Roberto Celestino | Head of innovation at everis Brasil

Virtual and Augmented Reality — Endless Possibilities

In the past few years, I’ve been closely following the evolution and use of Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR) solutions. We’ve been studying the trends, the investments and diversity in adoption. The results we’ve observed surpass even the most optimistic of businesspeople.

Devices, platforms and software have been evolving exponentially, and proofs of concept have been progressing rapidly. What we can learn from these MVPs and their experiments give us the perfect foundation to analyze possible use cases and design business models.

We can highlight, for instance, the use of AR in order to improve customer engagement with consumer brands found in retail stores. These solutions help customers find products on supermarket shelves and tell us literally everything about these products, helping to assess the

customer’s relationship with the brand or the point of sale. All while accessing the information on a smartphone, user friendly and out of the way.

We can clearly see that VR and AR are also transforming training and education. These resources provide employees with knowledge and when needed, so they can refer to it and go about their tasks more productively. The market has greatly accepted these solutions as they also dramatically reduce costs associated to trainings.

Today we have Virtual Reality lab and hospital environments where medical students can learn surgical procedures, interacting with their professors and classmates in a simulation of real life.

The construction industry as well as architects can now guide their

customers in virtual, hyper-realistic demos of buildings which haven’t been built yet, changing the layout and the decoration of the environments as they move around.

In the contexts where these solutions are used, one could also overlay Big Data, Analytics and API Management features. This way, customers, promotions, brands and point of sale behavior, as well as other aspects, can be analyzed.

Experts in the area, programmers, 3D artists, and gamers, among others are expanding their knowledge and drawing closer to the world of business. Collaboration and integration with other teams and knowledge are key factors for VR and AR solutions to go beyond games and entertainment, bringing proposals to solve big business challenges for large companies

We are certain that in the near future, access to a number of these solutions will be part of everyday life. They will undoubtedly contribute to the creation of new business models and therefore, to our quality of life.

Companies face the challenge of understanding this universe of possibilities and determining which uses will bring positive impacts and tangible results to their businesses.

Exponential intelligence for exponential companies

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